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Do I Really Need A Sponsor To Help Pass My Driving Test

“I don’t need a sponsor I can pass this test on my own easily”! Maybe you can and that’s great but like any test you might undertake the best way to pass is by preparing fully and taking all the advice you need that might help you pass. Getting a sponsor to help you pass your driving test is a valuable resource we recommend you take advantage of, driving lessons in Dublin are expensive and to pass the driving test all new learners must take the mandatory 12 EDT lessons as outlined by the RSA, these are 12 one hour lessons which you must complete to apply for your driving test.

Having a sponsor while you are learning to drive is crucial, the role of the sponsor is to support the learner in between driving lessons (EDT Lessons). This person is valuable in shaping the learner’s ability and attitude toward road safety, they can pass on their experience and knowledge of driving practice and road safety knowledge, and they can work together with the driving instructor to communicate what has been taught and going over these skills in-between driving lessons, and help prepare for the next week’s lesson.

Is is not mandatory to have a sponsor however we do highly recommend you get one to help with your progress.

Your sponsor can be an ADI however a experienced responsible driver will work also.

As a Learner Driver you cant drive unaccompanied!!

When you are learning to drive you cannot drive unaccompanied, you must have a fully qualified driver with you who has a driving license for a minimum of 2 years, this means when you are doing your EDT lessons you cannot practise without someone to help you, this is why a sponsor can be a valuable asset you your learning ability.

Think about how much driving lessons cost and how much practise is required inbetween EDT Lessons?

The cost of driving lessons in Dublin is expensive and can vary from company to company, so you really need to get as much practise as possible inbetween lessons, we recommend 2-3 hours if possible, safe practise with your sponsor going over what you practised in previous lesson and working on the next weeks lesson.

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