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This depends on the student, all learners learn differently so there is no definitive answer. Of course, you have to do the 12 EDT lessons and if you have a good sponsor that will help you practise in between your EDT Lessons this will speed your learning up, we recommend 30+ hours of practice outside lessons to get prepared to pass the test, our instructors will help you as much we can to pass in the shortest time but practise is the key.

Depending on the pupil, it is best to do one-hour EDT Lessons and then get the practice in-between lessons to work on the previous lesson, as you get into training you may be able to increase from one hour upwards.  

The cost of driving lessons in Tallaght is quite similar to the rest of the country and you could pay from 40e to 50e depending on where you go. Remember the cheapest is not always the best and it is a good idea to research a few companies before you start, maybe even book an hour with a driving school to gauge the quality of the training.

On your first lesson, the driving instructor will go through the safety procedures of the car, and explain the car controls, after that, the instructor may bring you to a quiet area also known as nursery routes where you may get to drive the car a little at very low speed just to learn the basic foot controls

Yes, you can still book and take a driving lesson if you have no car, however, we recommend you do get a sponsor to help you practise in between lessons, this can be a friend, or family member who must have a full driving license for 2 years.

You will fail your driving test if you get one grade 3 fault, 4 of the same grade 2 fault for a single aspect, 6 or more grade 2 faults for a single heading, or a total of 9 grade 2 faults overall.

Driving test faults vary but commonly cosasting, moving off safely, reaction to hazzards, road position are part of these.  

An instant fail on the driving test would be a grade 3 fault, an example would be running a red light.

We all see on social media driving companies posting pupils passing the driving test, which is great but in reality, depending on test centres it is approx 50/50 pass rate.

The actual road part of the driving test is generally 25-30 mins, the full test can be from 45-60 mins.