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Get driving today with your Essential driver training EDT Lessons Dublin

It is mandatory that all new drivers complete the 12 essential one hour EDT lessons in order to apply for the driving test in Ireland, here at Strive 2 Drive we offer EDT training in Dublin. All our instructors are ADI fully qualified instructors, we offer flexible payment options and expert training, get in touch with us here and get driving test ready.

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The essential driver training EDT is a lesson programme brough in by the RSA to improve road safety by enhancing the learning snd knowledge of new learners by completing the 12 EDT lessons provided by fully qualified ADI instructors.

An EDT driving lesson package can vary from driving school to driving school, generally a driving lesson is one hour long at a cost of 40-60 euro. The 12 essential EDT lessons cost approx 600e, you could pay as you go for your EDT lessons, and therefore one EDT lesson would cost 40-50 euro.
Cost of 12 EDT Lessons vary depending on who you choose to do your trainig with, generally 550-650e
There is no specific EDT Driving test, you will however be able to apply for your driving test once you have completed your essential 12 EDT Lessons or the reduced 6 EDT Lessons.
Once you commence your essential EDT training your instructor will give you the EDT logbok, this is your record of lessons completed and filled in by your ADI
The RSA EDT portal is were your ADI uploads all EDT lessons as they are completed.
EDT stands for Essential Driver Traning, this is a course designed by the RSA for learner drivers who have a learner permit for category B cars, you must complete the 12 Essential driver training lessons and your training should be with a registered ADI instructor, the course is designed to improve road safety and improve the learner’s understanding of the need for road safety.
There is a possibility of being exempt from essential driver training EDT lessons, if you hold a foreign driving license for at least two years and it has not expired more than 6 months you may be eligible for the reduced EDT programme were you only need to do the six reduced EDT lessons and be exempt from the six-month rule, it would be advisable to contact RSA to confirm your eligibility.

All learners can check their EDT status/progress by logging in to my EDT portal link here EDT Portal, you will need your valid learner permit to access your account, here you can view your updated Essential driver training EDT lessons.

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